I began dabbling in t-shirt designing back in 2015. It started as a sorta fundraising project for my church and soon became a passion. People started to notice my work and THEY ACTUALLY LIKED IT! It took me a while to believe in myself and most of all believe that other people besides family/friends would like my designs. Well in 2019, I took the plunge and created The Rebel Inc. A dope athleisure street style brand. The quality is top notch. The designs are fresh. The material is lightweight which is great for working out on a hot summer day. It breathes nicely and fits any body type perfectly. 


Every piece of clothing has a message. Our collections are Freedom: Don't Judge Me, Love Over Hate, Freedom Is Never GIVEN, and The Championship. Our message is one of freedom, love and overcoming. The message speaks precisely to the times that we're in today(June 2020). We are fighting against the systems that are designed to keep certain groups of people oppressed. The Rebel Inc is partnering with the NATS (Not Afraid To Speak)  organization to fight against inequality, injustice and pure racism. We ask that you join us in this fight. We will no longer be silent but we will rebel so that one day we will ALL be free. 


- Rashida 

The Rebel Inc